Maximum Catfishing is a national sportfishing show that will air in 2016. The show will be available to viewers throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

During every episode of Maximum Catfishing, Cindy and Jonathon Herndon will be fishing some of the hottest trophy catfishing waters in the United States. Together they share their tips and techniques to help the viewers catch more fish on their home waters. With extreme rod-burying action and on the water, real-time reviews, you will find yourself at the edge of your seat for every episode!

Cindy and Jonathon Herndon work together as a team to bring maximum knowledge and maximum excitement to every episode of Maximum Catfishing.

At the age of 10 months, Jonathon was involved in an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. With hard work from doctors and family he was able to make a partial recovery by age 5 but remained paralyzed in a sports wheelchair. While his friends played T-bal and midget football, Jonathon was fishing. He found the water provided a refuge to explore and honed his skills. Thirty-plus years later, he turned his passion into a career when he  began working as a professional catfish guide teaching others the secrets to finding and landing trophy catfish.  For the past ten years Cindy has fished alongside Jonathon as they joined top tournament anglers and guides across the country. Cindy has no trouble holding her own when it comes to landing a fighting trophy catfish!

During the off season Cindy and Jonathon can be found sharing their love for the sport at boat shows, personal presentations and fishing events  across the country.

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Maximum Knowledge & Maximum Excitement

That’s Maximum Catfishing!


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